Ryan Sutterer

Co-Owner/Director of Player Personnel & Development, Coach & Instructor



Ryan is a highly skilled and dedicated baseball coach who serves as the director of player development and a Co-Owner within the Icemen program. With a specialization in hitting and fielding training, Ryan has honed his expertise and achieved remarkable results while working with players of all ages, ranging from youth to the professional level.

Throughout his coaching career, Ryan has consistently emphasized the importance of teaching fundamental principles that are applicable across all levels of the game. His ability to adapt and convey these principles in various ways allows players to personalize their learning experience, maximizing their potential for success.

Ryan’s commitment to tailoring instruction to each individual player’s needs is a testament to his understanding of their unique strengths and areas for improvement. Beyond skill development, Ryan places great importance on building personal connections with the athletes he works with. He believes in investing in their growth on a holistic level, fostering a well-rounded experience in their development journey. This approach ensures that players not only progress in their baseball skills but also develop important life skills and character traits.

As the director of player development, Ryan plays a crucial role in shaping the Icemen program’s overall vision and success. His passion for the sport, combined with his exceptional coaching abilities and dedication to player growth, make him an invaluable asset to the organization and the athletes he guides on their baseball journey.

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