At our facility, we recognize the immense importance of the catcher position and the significant impact it has on the team. We are committed to providing exceptional training for catchers, knowing how crucial their roles are on the field.

We offer two options for catching training:

  • Private Lessons
  • Catching Groups

Both options are valuable, but the group setting is seasonal and offers less flexibility compared to private lessons.

Our head Catching instructor, Nick Caldeen, is dedicated to tailoring each lesson to meet the specific needs of individual catchers. With his expertise, he ensures that the training sessions are customized to address the unique strengths and areas of improvement for each player.

During our catching lessons, we prioritize three key concepts that are essential for catchers:

  • 1. Blocking: Catchers need to master the skill of blocking pitches in the dirt to prevent baserunners from advancing. We provide drills and techniques to enhance their blocking abilities, ensuring they can effectively stop pitches and control the game.
  • 2. Receiving: The art of receiving pitches is crucial for catchers to help pitchers get favorable calls from umpires. We focus on teaching proper glove positioning, framing, and presenting pitches to improve their receiving skills.
  • 3. Throw Downs: Catchers play a vital role in controlling the running game by making accurate and quick throws to catch baserunners stealing. We emphasize the development of proper throwing mechanics and techniques, enabling catchers to make strong and precise throws.

Both in private lessons and group catching sessions, our goal is to provide catchers with the best drills, techniques, and feedback to enhance their playing ability behind the plate. We strive to maximize their potential and ensure they have the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their role as catchers.


Secure online purchasing of sessions is available through MindBody.


A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required for any training session or lesson. If timely notification is not received by the coach or instructor, a package session will be deducted from your account. Last minute injuries or illnesses are excluded but must be communicated as soon as possible.