Minnesota Icemen Baseball Club

Summer Camps

summer camps

  • Our summer camps provide each player with an in-depth player assessment, swing analysis, blast motion data, and an Icemen camp tee shirt.
  • Players will learn many different aspects of the game from base running to infield and outfield work to even learning a proper warm up and J-Band routine for arm health and injury prevention.
  • Summer camps are fun while at the same time teaching young ball players how to play the game the right way.

When your child completes the camp, you will receive an emailed evaluation form on their performance during camp. It will detail out their skills as it relates to hitting, running, throwing, fielding and pitching. Click here to view a sample of the evaluation form.


Stay tuned for 2024 Summer Camp Details.

Summer Camp FAQs

Summer camps give players the opportunity to learn, compete, and push each other in a controlled group setting where every player has the same goals and desire to get better at the game of baseball. Camps also allow for more teaching opportunities in all aspects of the game not just focusing on one specific peace.

Summer Camps are 3 days a week for approximately 3 hours.

Camps vary between Lexington Athletic Complex, Minnesota Icemen facility and the National Sports Center.

Summer Camp- Arive at 8:50am
Warm-up starts at 9am
Drills and Station work from 9:30-11:45am
11:45-11:55 End of Day Competition
11:55-12:00 Recap the day/major teaching points
12:00pm Player Pick-up

Summer Camps are for ages 9-14 years old.

Camps are only held during the day.

$250 (but is subject to change). When signing up the exact price will be shown.

Yes, you are welcome to stay and observe during the camp day sessions.