Minnesota Icemen Baseball Club

Catching Camps

catching camps

Catching Camps are held two times a year:
- Spring: February/March
- Fall: August/September

These camps are set up to help get catchers ready for the upcoming season whether that is for the spring/summer season or the fall season. Catching camps are great for all types of catchers whether you are a beginner or advanced. NOTE: We do REQUIRE campers provide their own catching gear.

In these camps catchers will go over every aspect of the position:

  • Blocking
  • Receiving
  • Throwdowns
  • Catcher Pop flys
  • Game Management
Catcher Training Sessions:

Catching Camp FAQs

Our Catching Camps run anywhere between 5-8 weeks long and meet 1-2 times per week.

No, we do not provide any catcher gear. We require each player to bring their own gear. 

Typically for group training we keep it between 11-18U. If younger we would recommend a private lesson setting to limit distractions.

Yes. We group players by their age and skill level to allow for the best development.

Each session is 1 hour. Each hour session is set up to prioritize one of the big responsibilities of being a catcher (blocking, receiving, throw downs, etc..).

Yes, you are welcome to stay and observe during the camp day sessions.