At the Minnesota Icemen, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our players both within our program and beyond. That's why we have a special feature called "Standouts" where we highlight exceptional performances by our current Icemen players as well as our alumni who are still playing college baseball.

Standouts are our way of acknowledging and showcasing players who have had outstanding performances on the field. Whether it's a remarkable week at the plate or an impressive performance on the mound, we want to give recognition to these players for their hard work, skill, and dedication to the game.

By featuring our standouts, we not only provide well-deserved recognition to our players but also create opportunities for them to gain visibility among college coaches. This exposure can open doors for potential opportunities at the collegiate level and beyond. Additionally, our standouts serve as a way to keep our players, families, and fans updated on the progress of our athletes. We want to share the successes and achievements of our players, fostering a sense of pride and community within the Icemen program.

Whether it's a current player excelling in our program or an alum making waves in college baseball, our standouts showcase the talent and dedication that defines the Minnesota Icemen. Join us in celebrating these outstanding performances and supporting our players as they continue to thrive on and off the field.

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High School Standouts

College Standouts