Minnesota Icemen Baseball Club


Why join our staff?

Joining the MN Icemen Baseball Club is an exciting opportunity for coaches, social media personnel, and front office staff looking to advance their careers in the sports industry. The MN Icemen are dedicated to developing talent not only on the field but also off the field, and this commitment extends to their staff.

As a member of the MN Icemen staff, coaches and instructors have the opportunity to work with talented players and other experienced coaching staff, enabling them to refine their skills and build their coaching credentials. The club's focus on player development extends to coaching development, and the coaches are provided with the necessary resources to grow and excel in their roles.

For social media personnel, the MN Icemen offer the opportunity to showcase their skills in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. The club's social media presence is essential to its success, and personnel are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their approach to content creation and engagement with fans.

Front office staff members at the MN Icemen have the opportunity to work in a collaborative and supportive environment, where their contributions are valued and recognized. The club's commitment to excellence extends to all areas of operations, and front office staff members are given the tools and resources necessary to succeed in their roles.

Overall, joining the MN Icemen Baseball Club provides coaches, instructors, social media personnel, and front office staff with an opportunity to grow their careers in a supportive and dynamic environment. With a focus on development and excellence, the MN Icemen are an ideal destination for those looking to take their careers in sports to the next level.

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