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Spects National

The Icemen National Club

Spects National is a partnership that provides the best players in the Midwest with an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at premier events across the country. Clubs who participate in this partnership include The Minnesota Icemen, Nebraska Prospects, Arkansas Prospects, Iowa Sticks, GBA Gators, KC Prime and Encompass Expos.

A true National Club Team has players from different states on one team to compete against the best in the country. We at the Minnesota Icemen club understand the word “National” is now thrown around a lot with local groups, but we partnered with Spects National with the sole goal of having our best players involved in high level opportunities with the best players from other states/clubs.

For the player eligible to make a Spects National team, it is the highest tier of baseball experienced at the youth level. These players go to the top tournaments in the country and get exposure from a multitude of scouts including professional scouts. Also, another benefit of this partnership is that it provides players more opportunities to play in more tournaments. Each club is always looking for players throughout the season to fill-in for a multitude of tournaments.


To be eligible to play on one of the partnered clubs within Spects National your child must be an Icemen club member and playing on an Icemen team. We select players within the Icemen program depending on their performance amongst their peers. Players who have the strongest performances throughout the season will be considered to play for Spects National.

Spects National starts mid fall and goes throughout the winter. Typically, these tournaments do not conflict with the Icemen schedule. Last year, our players played in the top Perfect Game and PBR tournaments during the fall and winter.

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