Acceleration Sports Academy



  • Acceleration Sport Academy is a school that partners with the Minnesota Icemen Baseball club. The Academy and the Icemen Baseball Club share a top-of-the-line facility in Blaine, MN. This unique and winning combination provides the best education and training that baseball players in the Midwest can receive.
  • The Academy utilizes the experienced Icemen coaching staff to help train their baseball athletes in all aspects of the game including:
    • Pitching
    • Hitting
    • Fielding
    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Mentorship
  • This relationship allows student athletes the best opportunity to excel both in the classroom and on the baseball field.

Is my student a candidate for Acceleration Sports Academy?

  • Acceleration Sports Academy is designed for students who are very serious about taking their education and their athletics to the next level.
  • No two students are exactly alike. That is why EACH student at the Academy has a completely customized program that fits their unique academic level and athletic ability.
  • The best part about Acceleration Sports Academy is that at the end of the day students have completed their academics as well as their training. This frees up precious time for other activities, family, friends or additional training.

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