Brent Peters

Coach, Mental Training Mentorship & Hitting Instructor



Brent, affectionately known as Trig, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of baseball coaching. With over 20 years of coaching Club Baseball in Minnesota, he has made a lasting impact on the development of countless athletes. In addition to his coaching career, Trig has also dedicated 20+ years of service to the U.S. Army/MN National Guard, with three deployments to Iraq, Kuwait, and Cuba.

Trig’s coaching philosophy centers around more than just the physical aspects of the game. He places a strong emphasis on mental growth and development, instilling accountability, virtue, and values in his players. His coaching methods go beyond the field, aiming to build self-confidence, self-awareness, and a deep understanding of the game.

With his extensive coaching experience, Trig has had the privilege of working with nearly 100 college and professional athletes. His commitment to their development extends far beyond their time together, as he continues to support and guide many of them today.

Trig understands that coaching is not just a job, but a privilege. He approaches each player with care, building meaningful relationships and fostering an environment where they can thrive. Not only does Trig bring a wealth of knowledge to the game of baseball, but his military background also enhances his coaching approach. His dedication, discipline, and strong work ethic shine through in his coaching style, and he leads by example both on and off the field.

Trig’s tireless efforts to connect with each player and his unwavering commitment to their growth make him a respected and influential figure in the world of baseball coaching. His impact goes beyond the game, as he helps shape young athletes into well-rounded individuals. The players who have had the privilege of being coached by Trig are fortunate to have him guide them on their baseball journey, instilling important life lessons along the way.

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