Winter Training Programs

Here is a brief description of all the training programs we will offer this winter.

 For help with a payment plan please contact Ryan Sutterer. 


Winter Training Phase 2


Hitting Continuation:

This program is ONLY for athletes that were already in the 8 week hitting groups. If you have previously worked with Ryan and have not been doing hitting yet this year, please reach out about potentially joining these groups as well. These groups will be building off of our 8 week groups and will be mirroring elite hitting for the most part with working on challenging reps and continued mechanic work throughout the remainder of the offseason.

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6 Week Winter Hitting Program:

The 6 week winter hitting program will be instructed by Sam Peterson and will be taught next door to the cage Ryan is in. Sam will be teaching the principles that Ryan and the Icemen teach throughout these 6 weeks. This is for athletes that are looking to join hitting groups that have not been doing hitting groups previously this year. These will be a great opportunity to build some solid mechanic improvement and also get a lot of reps!

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Youth Hitting & Speed Round 2:

This is for athletes 8 and up and will have a focus on 30 minutes of hitting and 30 minutes of speed work each session. This is our 2nd round of this program this year and the kids have been LOVING it. Nick Caldeen and Drew Stoehr head this program up.

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Hitting Sessions (Classes):

This program is designed to give athletes a very flexible way to get hitting repetitions at their convenience. They are 30 minute sessions with a coach to give tee work, front toss, and BP and or machine work. The cost per session is $25 and these run year round. These are non instructed. 

Single Session Cost: $25

10 Pack Cost: $200

20 Pack Cost $400