Noah Caldeen




Noah is an experienced baseball coach who has been dedicated to coaching Spring and Fall teams for the Icemen since 2021. A proud alumni of Blaine High School, he showcased his skills as a catcher by playing varsity baseball during his Junior and Senior years.

Noah’s passion for the game extends beyond coaching, as he actively participates in Town-ball, honing his own skills on the field. In addition to coaching, Noah generously volunteers his time to assist with the Minnesota Icemen Summer Camps, sharing his knowledge and love for the sport with aspiring young players.

Recognizing the importance of modern communication, Noah plays a crucial role in enhancing the Icemen’s social media platform. He creates engaging video content to promote the team and foster a stronger connection with fans and followers.

With his extensive background in both playing and coaching baseball, Noah brings a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and creativity to the Icemen organization. His commitment to developing players, his alma mater, and the community exemplifies his deep-rooted passion for the sport.