Jeff Heath

Coach & Pitching Instructor



Jeff has been an integral part of the Icemen coaching staff since 2017, consistently demonstrating his expertise and passion for the game. With his wealth of coaching experience across various age levels, Jeff has made a significant impact on the development of our players. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, he has also provided valuable pitching instruction within our program.

One of Jeff’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to make training sessions enjoyable for athletes of all ages. He possesses a remarkable talent for connecting with individuals and tailoring his approach to their unique needs and abilities. Whether working with young beginners or more advanced players, Jeff has a knack for creating a positive and engaging learning environment.

Jeff’s specialty lies in pitching training, where he has garnered extensive knowledge and experience. His expertise spans across all age groups, allowing him to effectively develop pitchers at various stages of their baseball journey. Through his guidance, athletes receive valuable instruction and mentorship, enabling them to refine their pitching skills and reach their full potential.

Beyond his technical acumen, Jeff’s genuine enthusiasm for the sport and his dedication to fostering a love for baseball shines through in his coaching style. He consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that each athlete not only develops their skills but also enjoys the process of learning and competing.

The Icemen organization is fortunate to have Jeff as part of our coaching staff. His ability to create a positive and supportive environment, coupled with his expertise in pitching training, significantly contributes to the growth and success of our players. Jeff’s commitment to making training fun, combined with his exceptional coaching abilities, makes him an invaluable asset to our program.

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