Training Philosophy


We teach hitting at a high level in the sense that we want to build up swings with the mechanics that give players the best opportunity for long term success and consistency. We focus on quickness, balance, body control, repeatability, and being able to use the whole field. Our drill process is focused on giving players ammunition to be able to take control of their own swing and development. Understanding how and what to work on to continuously improve is what we strive for. The end goal for us is to help each player develop into their own best hitting coach.


The number one focus for us as we help develop pitchers is to create efficient movements. We understand that each individual’s body moves in slightly different ways, but elite throwers across the board have a core set of movements they accomplish. If we can accomplish efficient throwing motions, a player’s velocity, command, arm health etc. will increase. Once a player has a strong foundation of efficient movement, we will then work to attack each individual’s lowest hanging fruit. We can train for velocity, command, pitch design, and whatever else we believe will best help each player. We use a variety of tools which includes Rapsodo, weighted balls, plyo balls, etc. to accomplish efficient movement and development.