Beau Babcock

Coach & Pitching & Hitting Instructor

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Beau Babcock, a welcome addition to the Icemen coaching staff since the summer of 2021, brings a wealth of playing experience and a passion for coaching to the team. Beau’s baseball journey began at a young age when he played for the Elk River Baseball Association, nurturing his skills and love for the game. He continued his baseball career throughout middle and high school, culminating in his graduation from Elk River High School in 2018.

Following his graduation, Beau pursued higher education at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, where he further honed his skills as a pitcher while playing for the BLC Vikings. His firsthand experience as a player provides him with valuable insights into the technical aspects of pitching and hitting.

Specializing in working with younger athletes, Beau has a unique ability to connect with and motivate them. His great sense of humor and ability to make training sessions enjoyable contribute to a positive and engaging learning environment. Beau’s coaching style ensures that the younger athletes not only develop their skills but also foster a love for the game.

With his infectious enthusiasm and expertise in pitching and hitting, Beau is an excellent option for younger athletes looking to develop their baseball abilities. His presence on the Icemen coaching staff adds value to the team and enriches the coaching experience for players of all ages.

Beau’s dedication to the sport and his commitment to making training fun make him a valuable asset to the Icemen organization. His contributions to player development and his ability to instill a love for the game in the younger athletes make him an outstanding coach for the team.

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