Huge Part of my Life

Over the past 3 years that I have been a part of the Minnesota Icemen Baseball program, we have gotten better every year, at first we had some talent on the teams but we just weren’t as deep as the other programs due to being brand new, but now thanks to the great coaches and players we have transformed into one of the best fall programs in the state of Minnesota. Some of my greatest memories have come from playing in this program, from the all night lock-in, to the bus and van rides down to our Midwestern tournaments, to walking the Las Vegas strip with my teammates, and to playing baseball all around the country. Coach Gominsky has helped me a great deal with my attempt to play college baseball, as he has given me tips on writing essays to coaches and helping me film a recruiting video. The program also lets us enjoy our time and let us be ourselves by letting us play wiffle ball or football before our workouts or even games. The Minnesota Icemen baseball program is something that has been a huge part of my life and I can’t thank them enough for how much they have helped me.

Made my Baseball Career a lot More Enjoyable

I started trying out for the blizzard team when I was a 13U where I met Coach Gominsky and Coach Nockleby. After having the experience to play for them I heard they were branching off to make their own team, the Icemen. I couldn’t think of a better choice then to follow them and keep playing with them as my coaches. The coaching, brother-ship, and family I received from playing ball for them has really made my baseball career a lot more enjoyable; my game has improved tremendously and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I would recommend others to join if you’re looking to play on a competitive team and improve your playing abilities through high school and potentially into college. It is also the perfect opportunity to better educate yourself in life and the overall game of baseball. I have met many lifelong friends through this program and have made many memories that will last a lifetime. GoGo and Nocks want the best for you and will always help and push you to be a better player on and off the field. I was honored to go on to play college ball from the help of my coaches and this elite baseball program!

Truly Cares about the Players

We have had a player in the MN Icemen Baseball Club for the past 2 years.  We chose Icemen because they focus not only on the development of the kids’ baseball skills, but also teamwork, discipline and responsibility to themselves and others. This club is not just about the money, they truly care about the players and their families.

Challenging and Rewarding

We started with the Icemen last fall, and have been more than happy with their program.  They go above and beyond, making sure that they are doing all they can to help the boys reach their full potential.  When we decided to have our son try out for their fall team, we were beyond glad that we did. Our son has excelled as a player.  Justin and Erik have both worked very hard with him to teach him a deeper knowledge of the game, both mentally and physically. What we really appreciate about these two coaches is that they allow the boys to have fun, but are able to lock in their focus when the time is right.  We have also had some of the best experiences yet travelling with the team for out-of-state tournaments. They have been both challenging and rewarding for the boys, and extremely well put together for the team and family members. For these reasons and more, we are very grateful to the Icemen organization, and are confident that we made the right decision.  We look forward to many more years with the Icemen family!

Infinite Amount of Resources

As a part of the Icemen program in its first year, I learned so much through the experiences and from the coaches which showed me I was capable of heights beyond my beliefs. It also showed me another aspect of the game that is still implemented in the program today which is family. I still remember the first practice where we had to learn all 20+ teammates names or we had to condition. The opportunity to have an infinite amount of resources in the program such as Justin Gominsky, is something that I will always cherish and is something that every ball player can use to learn how to respect the game and play with a high energy.

Family Style Culture

The MN Icemen program has been everything we have been looking for in a club baseball program and more.  High-level instruction, competitive playing experiences, and a family style culture at affordable prices has provided a unique opportunity for my son.  Justin “GoGo” Gominsky brings a passion and dedication to the baseball community that is unparalleled to anyone else I have met. My son Buka has improved significantly since joining the program and we are proud to say that we play for the Icemen.

Opened so many Doors

Icemen is more than just a baseball club, we’re a family. We have a great atmosphere and great coaches and players. I’ve gotten very close with all of the other players over these past 3 years and I’ve made some of the best relationships ever. You can always trust the other guys and coaches with anything. You can always count on them to be there, not just in baseball, but in life. Joining the Icemen has been one of my best decisions, it has opened so many doors in my life and made me a better baseball player and person. Most clubs are just about winning on the field, but at Icemen it’s not like that. All of the coaches really stress about being a good student and person before worrying about baseball. Ever since I joined Icemen I’ve met some of the best people I’ll ever meet. I’m so glad I can call Icemen family and I will always consider joining as one of the best decisions of my life.

Fantastic Learning Experience

Many thanks to GoGo and the greater Icemen crew for making a lasting impression for my son and his 13u team last fall and this spring.  Along with a sincere passion for the game, Their attention to detail and organization, baseball IQ, positive attitudes and never ending energy provided for a fantastic learning experience.  All the boys and mine had a blast! Thanks Icemen.

An Unreal Experience

I’ve been a part of the Icemen program since 7th grade and it has been an unreal experience. The group of guys I play with are unreal players and really fun to be with, and the coaching staff is awesome. They gave us the opportunity to play around the country and get more of a higher level experience. I couldn’t ask for more from this program. Icemen is a great program to join because you gain a lot of exposure and get the chance to play in great competitive tournaments.

Has a lot to Offer

Our son, Devin, has been a part of the Minnesota Icemen Baseball program for a year now and as a family we have all been very impressed. From their team-first approach, to their focus on the mental aspects of the game, to developing leadership with these young men, and to the constant coaching that happens during practice, after every play and throughout each game—this organization and its coaches are committed to our son and his teammates.  We also appreciate the Icemen’s respect and encouragement for multi-sport athletes. Overall, this program has a lot to offer and we would recommend to anyone interested.

Helped Me Excel Far Beyond

I wasn’t sure if I was going to play on a fall team, but last year I decided to join the Icemen program.  At first, coming in, I was shy and felt a little out of place as one of the new members. But as the season went on the players started to open up and I became an “official” team member.  I’m so glad that I joined the Icemen because it has taught me so much on improving my game, mentally and physically, on and off the field. I appreciate all of the work and time that the coaches put into me.  Justin and Erik have been especially helpful and I feel like they have worked to help me excel far beyond my school team experience. They have worked with me during the season and in the off-season and I am grateful to them for what they have taught me.  Thank you to the Icemen organization, they took me in and helped me improve my game and I feel like I’ve been a part of their program from the beginning.

Results Speak for Themselves

Trying to find the right fit for your child in the ever expanding world of “club baseball” is not an easy thing to do. Over the past several years we tried and were somewhat disappointed in what was available to our son. We were approached by yet another club owner soon after and I am happy to say that we are still with them and have found our new “club baseball” family. The past 2 seasons with The Minnesota Icemen’s Baseball Club has been nothing short of excellent. Justin Gominsky and his professional staff have done a terrific job with our kids and the results speak for themselves. Since joining The Icemen Baseball club our son has been able to learn from current and past professional/collegiate baseball athletes that understand and teach the fundamentals of the game and the importance of team work. Justin understands his kids as well as any instructor I have met in my years of playing, coaching and parenting. The kids enjoy going to practice and always leave with a good feeling and positive coaching feedback for them to work on until the next meeting. If you are looking for a club for your child then I would highly recommend the Minnesota Icemen.

Turns Good Players into Great Players

I joined the Icemen program my sophomore year of high school, right away I noticed it was a different style of baseball, in a good way. I met a lot of new people who are some of my closest friends today. The Icemen program has definitely taught me more about the game of baseball and also how to be a better person. Playing for the Icemen has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made about my baseball career and I’m glad I found such a great coach and a great guy in Justin “GoGo” Gominsky. GoGo has some great knowledge to share about the game of baseball to make you a better player and a better man. The Icemen definitely have the deepest coaching staff in any other club around, and they know what they are doing and turn good baseball players into great baseball players. I loved my time playing for this club and received great results as well.

Teaches Exceptional Baseball

Our son has had the opportunity to play ball with the Minnesota Icemen club for two seasons.  The experience that he has gained and the opportunities he has been offered with this club are exceptional.  The coaches and owners value and coach to the individual players’ strengths and opportunities and are supportive of their multi-athlete passions.  Not only do the players learn to compete at the next level of play, the coaches teach and demonstrate good sportsmanship, the importance of grades and education, in addition to winning with class.  The coaches use every opportunity within games and practices to demonstrate and teach exceptional baseball. In the year that our son has been a part of the Icemen team his game has improved through his fundamental skill execution and his ability to directly and immediately apply the coaching and feedback he has received to the game.   We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Icemen family.

Best Decision I Ever Made

My friend recommended that I check out the Icemen program at the end of our summer season. It was the best decision I ever made. Living 4 hours north of the metro area, being on the Icemen team provided me with the opportunity to play far into the fall and a tournament in Phoenix as well. The attentive coaching and guidance for the next steps in my baseball career were invaluable. The other players were welcoming and I felt like I was a part of the group from day one. Justin Gominsky and the rest of the coaching staff were excellent role models and were instrumental in helping me succeed in finding a great college program. This opportunity really solidified my commitment to the game and my future as a baseball player.

Very Knowledgeable of the Game

I had the opportunity to coach Erik in college and some at the Pro level. Erik had such a drive to get better everyday on all aspects of the game. He was always the first one there for early work and always executed his plan. Erik is very knowledgeable of the game and always played the game the right way! As a coach, I know he will coach the right way.

Passionate, Hard Working, and Knowledgeable

Erik is a passionate, hard working, and knowledgeable coach. He does whatever it takes to be successful both as a coach and when he was a player. His desire for the game and his players is unmatched.

Good Teacher of the Game

Justin “GoGo” Gominsky carries not only the playing experience of a professional ball player, but the passion, energy and communication skills to be a very good teacher of the game.  He has an infectious enthusiasm and energy that will motivate any young player.

Good Luck with Your Season!

I personally wanted to thank you for doing a great job with your training sessions!! My son attended several of them and learned so much in such a short time. I wish he would have been able to attend more, but unfortunately we just seemed to have so many schedule conflicts…You do a great job with the kids and we are so happy we found you! My son will be the FOGO for his High School this year and is really excited about it.

A Great Experience

The difference in my son before and after training with The Faceoff Factory is incredible. His setup, quickness, and intensity are all improved. I’m excited to watching him flourish during the upcoming season.