Active Recovery

This year we are putting on a 4 week active recovery training option that will start October 25 and go until November 19th. Some might ask, What is active recovery? We are preparing the body to handle the stress of a 3 month throwing and strength program by recovering from our spring through fall baseball season, while also strengthening and stabilizing rotator cuff and other muscle vital to healthy throwing also then adding in the other key movements that will help performance without throwing specifically. This program will work on fundamental movements that are key to being able to advance our athletes quicker in the offseason training and in turn seeing better results come spring time. The goal is to have our athletes be able to understand how their body moves as well as help them work on the things that often get overlooked such as; stretching, proper ROM, baseline testing, etc. This training will allow our athletes and coaches to gain a good understanding of where each athletes strengths and weakness are. This program will be ran by Bradley Spencer and Nick Caldeen, each coach will get 30 min with each group working on different strength movements, med ball movements, Arm/shoulder recovery movements, ROM training, etc. The program will be a 3 day a week program and will finish up right before the start of our winter training. This is a great chance to give our players the proper tools to recover in a way that will help them be able to go into winter training feeling 100%. We do highly recommend that if you are planning to do winter training that you go through this program as it helps the players gain the knowledge they will need to know going into winter training.


Starts: October 25th

Ends: November 19th

Price: $299.00


Signup Link:—4-weeks